About Us

We’re a fully remote digital media company working on building the largest and most respected portfolio of B2B websites. We spend the vast majority of our time developing websites through content creation and promotion. We’re also always looking for new partnerships and acquisitions to expand our portfolio.

About the job

SEO depends on content. But simply having the content isn’t good enough.

People have to SEE the content. That’s where you come in.
We need your help to get our content in front of other content creators and journalists so they use it as a source for their own content. Your role in this is to find those content creators and journalists. Other folks on the team will handle the correspondence, you’ll be 100% focused on sourcing new prospects that we should reach out to. You’ll also be hunting down their contact info.
This is an entry-level role, you don’t need any experience in this space at all. If you have the right attitude and persistence, you’ll be an excellent candidate.


  • Consistently hit weekly website and contact list building quotas that meet all quality requirements.
  • Researching websites that fit the need of our outreach campaigns.
  • Finding accurate contact information of the best person for a given website.
  • Finding any required personalization data so that we have the information necessary for sending personalized emails.


  • You love researching and digging. No obscure fact is too hard to find. And the harder it is to find something, the more passionate you get about digging it up. If you’ve been known to dominate treasure hunts, endlessly hunt down obscure celebrity facts, or google info before someone even completes their question, you’ll love this role.
  • You don’t get burnt out from repetitive tasks. You have no problem sitting in front of a computer day in and day out doing the exact same thing.
  • You love being detailed oriented. Not only are you the person that catches the one mistake that a dozen other folks missed, you thrive on finding the needle in the haystack. No detail is too small or too obscure for you to hunt down.
  • You’re looking for an opportunity to break into the online marketing space but lack experience.
  • You’re comfortable with spreadsheets and data at a basic level. You can sort, filter, and understand basic spreadsheet features.
  • You are someone that has excellent time management skills. One benefit of this role is that you can set your own schedule. It is deliverables based, and there are very few meetings or schedule based events.
  • Must be based in the United States.