About Us

About the job

This position is a part-time, independent contractor position, with an estimated weekly time commitment of five to ten hours.

For the right, self-motivated candidate, this position could be done virtually anywhere in the United States. While work time is flexible, the position is required to be regularly available for meetings and to conduct work during standard east coast work hours.


  • Contributes to overall marketing strategy by understanding and leveraging social media as a means to identify and acquire new business.
  • Conceptualize and create social media campaigns and strategies from idea phase through implementation and success metrics.
  • Provides guidance and support on how clients (and their staff) should use social media on their personal profiles.
  • Utilize outreach tools, such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, to identify and reach out to potential clients and convert them into prospects.
  • Help us “get into the head” of our clients and create and post relevant and informative updates.
  • Work directly with clients (both via meetings and email communications) on the execution and completion of deliverables.
  • Participate in weekly team and monthly team meetings as well as client calls.
  • Bring new ideas to the table for better servicing.
  • Schedule daily, weekly & monthly content in alignment with outlined social media marketing plans and goals.
  • Create, edit, and publish social media captioning to include grammatically correct content and appropriate hashtags.
  • Create specialized campaigns for client promotional events including webinars and speaking engagements.
  • Understand and keep up-to-date with current posting trends and algorithms in relationship to a variety of client industries including but not limited to: financial, construction, government contracting.
  • Stay up to date with changes in the social media landscape.


  • Strong and proven background in growing followers for small businesses.
  • Knowledge and experience in the practice of social sales
  • Ability to prioritize multiple clients and manage deadlines
  • Experience working with a variety of brands and clients
  • Some video editing and graphic design capabilities are desirable but not required
  • Strong and demonstrable experience with the following social media platforms:
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • YouTube
    • Instagram
    • Google My Business
  • Experience with the following tools:
    • WordPress
    • Google documents
    • Project management software such as AirTable
  • A great (and somewhat snarky) sense of humor.