About Us

One of the world’s largest virtual software development company united with digital marketing services and design solutions to make the perfect combination! Over a decade of developing high-quality software and offering top-notch marketing services with our global team of highly skilled coders and marketers. Much more than software development services and digital marketing services. At Scopic, we plan, develop, design and share your product with your target market too. Tap into Scopic’s software development, custom web design services, and digital marketing services to capture the attention of your audience. Whether you need web, desktop, mobile or cross-platform solutions, our expert developers use the latest technologies to ensure your ideas are transformed into cutting-edge applications that evoke change in your industry.

About the job

The marketing manager develops and manages the marketing programs in specific channels, supports business objectives, leads acquisition, fosters customer retention, executes business development, provides sales support, and advances brand building. The marketing manager needs to be able to successfully lead the marketing team to achieve the goals of the department and the company. The marketing manager needs to possess leadership skills to manage and direct the team to perform to its highest potential. The manager sets up general marketing priorities for the company and takes active part is management discussions, suggesting new and most effective marketing solutions within the generally chosen business vector. Advises both team members and clients on the marketing strategy and execution, since having a deep general understanding of all the marketing services that the company performs. Ideal candidates have to be able to adjust with US working hours (EST).


  • Marketing department planning, budgeting and efficient allocation.
  • Report on the effectiveness of marketing campaigns using pre-determined KPIs.
  • Deploy successful marketing campaigns and own their implementation from ideation to execution.
  • Produce valuable and engaging content for the website and blog that attracts and converts the target groups.
  • Build strategic relationships and partner with key industry players, agencies and vendors.
  • Prepare and monitor the marketing budget on a quarterly and annual basis and allocate funds wisely.
  • Oversee the production and approve marketing materials from the team.
  • Measure and report on the performance of marketing campaigns, gain insight and assess against goals.
  • Analyze consumer behavior and adjust email and advertising campaigns accordingly.
  • Build brand awareness and positioning.
  • Evaluate, develop and execute a marketing strategy.
  • Directing, planning and coordinating of the marketing efforts.
  • Communicating the marketing plan.
  • Evaluating competitors.
  • Overseeing social media, public relations efforts, and content marketing.
  • Distributing the budgets in the most effective way, advised by the leads
  • Developing new marketing initiatives and driving new activities within the team, leading to an increased number of leads or other business indicators.
  • Working on new policies to optimize the team’s performance.
  • Sharing vast knowledge and experience of marketing on to the team’s members.
  • Managing large teams using proper control and delegation skills, while having good leadership skills.
  • Overseeing client projects  and execution of the marketing services for clients
  • Guiding and training the team in marketing techniques.
  • Planning team capacity and forecasting marketing department needs.
  • Taking an active role in marketing recruiting.
  • Developing new marketing services and standardizing the marketing service line.
  • Handling 3rd level client escalations, marketing sales efforts and upselling.