About Us

About the job

At Podia, we’re building the best platform on the planet for creators to sell online courses, digital downloads, webinars, coaching, and communities.

We’re a fully remote company, have been around since 2014 helping creators earn hundreds of millions, and are growing fast. We also ship product updates all the time, and that’s where you come in.

As our first product marketer, your job will be to help Podia launch new product, increase feature adoption, and activate creators into their new platform more quickly.

You’ll work with the growth marketing team to find creative ways to make a splash with launches and teach Podia creators (at scale) how to make the most of Podia.

You’ll work with a team that ships product quickly, does tons of customer research, and has an audience of thousands of existing customers.

Let’s dive in.


You’re working with a product that people already love — your job will be to get them to love it even more. That means finding new angles and creative distribution for product launches, bundling features in clever ways to generate more buzz, and using the customer research at your fingertips to help people get started faster.

In short: there’s a ton of opportunity to grow this in the way you think makes sense for Podia and our creators (but you don’t have to start from scratch).

Oh and by the way, you won’t be limited by the usual blockers:

If you’ve ever been asked to do marketing for a product that isn’t very good, or is in a “nice to have” market, you know how hard it is to watch customers slip away for yet another month of flat growth.
At Podia, our NPS is in the 99th percentile for internet companies. Our customers love us, we’ve helped many of them become successful, and your hard work won’t go to waste.

The creator market is on fire right now. As more and more people join the creator economy, Podia is there to tap into the demand — with a platform that creators need to run their business. This is a must-have product in a high growth market, and our growth reflects that.

If you’ve been stuck marketing a “boring” (or worse) product, you know how hard it is to wake up and fake enthusiasm about what you’re selling.
Podia gets emails from creators every day. Every single day there’s a creator using Podia to earn their first dollar online. We have customers all over the world — people who are starting side hustles or starting business or quitting jobs because of the income they make from Podia.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by following the “playbook” or trying to hit …questionable… KPIs, you know how it feels to have your creativity limited.
We’re not interested in a cobbled-together playbook of “best practices” or arbitrary goals. Everything we do at Podia starts with the creator and continues to the business — we want to do what works, and that means looking past playbooks to find the real levers for growth.

In this role, you’ll work with the Director of Growth Marketing to write a new playbook and run with it. Any playbook you create will be based on serious, structured customer research and a deep understanding of the market.

If you’ve had to share results with other departments (or get sucked into enablement, or deal with fire drills when other teams don’t hit their goals), you know what it’s like to do everything right and still feel like things went wrong.
Podia is 100% self-serve. There is no sales team. Marketing finds and converts the entire pipeline.

If you’re still excited after reading that, let’s get into the details.


  • The skills to make announcements feel BIG. The work we do is important for creators, and finding interesting ways to take a new feature to market will help give the platform the recognition it deserves.
  • The ability to work across marketing, development, and support. You’ll need to deeply understand the product and make sure the rest of the company has what they need to make launches successful is a big part of the role. That means product knowledge, and working with teams to create launch roadmaps/timelines.
  • An eye on the data. You want to look at the numbers to understand what’s happening, but you also look at customer research and qualitative data to understand what people need.
  • Content and copy chopz. We believe in the importance of a great message, and folks at Podia are great writers. You’ll be tackling resources, assets, webinars, demos, briefs, and other types of info for both the internal team and our creators.
  • A tendency to ask “how could this be bigger.”
  • At least 4 hours overlap with US Eastern Time
  • 3+ years of experience in marketing, product marketing, or product roles (SaaS preferred)