About Us

Thrasio is the consumer goods company reimagining omnichannel commerce and consumer products, and boasts an innovation engine that brings high-quality products to market across digital marketplaces, channels, and retailers globally.

With the experience of evaluating more than 6,000 Amazon companies, acquiring over 130 top-rated brands, and managing the scale of 22,000 products, Thrasio is the largest acquirer of Amazon FBA brands. Since our founding in 2018, the team has grown to more than 1,000 people globally–most of that growth has occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hiring people who share a passion for their craft in the eCommerce space is the reason we’re projected to grow more than 10x in the next few years. This growth is supported by investors whose portfolios include Facebook, Google, Jet.com, StitchFix, and Lululemon. We do our best work when we’re surrounded by people who are insatiably curious, agile, and who thrive in collaborative, check-your-ego-at-the door working environments. Sound like you? We’d love to chat.

About the job

As Thrasio becomes a world-class ecommerce company, our success is driven largely by perpetuating the customers’ ability to find our products. As Junior Copywriter for SEO, you will be focused on creating SEO content that maximizes our products’ visibility and placement on Amazon’s digital shelves. In this role, you will empower Thrasio’s products with well-researched product listing content that will boost sales, elicit conversions, and ultimately help us achieve our continued growth.

You will learn Amazon’s compliance, rules, and regulations and utilize them in the original content that you create. Your creative input and style will help drive customer’s searches and buying behavior to drive sales and Thrasio product recognition.


  • Perform comprehensive keyword research and competitor analysis and then write titles and product bullet points on all of our Amazon listings
  • We currently have over 80 brands with various products to update across multiple brands and industries!
  • Perform in-depth proofreading/analysis and provide notes when necessary as an overall QC of the listings composed by colleagues before they go live.
  • Write original content within Amazon’s compliance, rules, and regulations
  • Write well-crafted SEO product titles and product bullet points that concisely capture features/benefits that are optimized for searches but also drive sales
  • Write sales-driven, grammatically correct content by infusing SEO search words, terms, language, content, phrasing, etc


  • Highly organized with a critical attention to detail
  • Self-motivated with a high level of enthusiasm and willingness to take feedback as well as make content edits in a fast-paced environment
  • An affable and collaborative teammate who thrives within an inclusive team and company where individual choices are respected and supportive
  • General understanding of Search Engine Optimization SEO required
  • An ability to incorporate sometimes cumbersome or obtuse SEO keywords within product listings in a way that will appear coherent, fluid and natural to consumers.
  • Exemplarily writing skills utilizing the rules of both English;
  • Verbally clear, concise, and grammatically correct oral (speaking) communication skills in English
  • 1+ years of experience copywriting original content for any of the following SEO: ecommerce, digital product sales, digital marketing, internet product promotion, etc
  • Knowledge of or willingness and ability to learn and self-educate on Amazon’s compliance, rules, and regulations; coaching and instruction will be provided, but we want someone who goes after this knowledge base
  • Ability to learn and incorporate coaching and instructions into daily SEO writing, tasks, and writing assignments
  • Ability to work independently and/or within a collaborative team structure
  • Ability to accurately gauge and communicate timing, meet deadlines, and manage priorities.
  • Nice to have but not required: Experience with writing for United Kingdom (UK) and Canadian (CA) English