About Us

Holochain is our new open source framework infrastructure technology for distributed peer-to-peer applications. Holochain is fast, massively scalable, cost effective, resource efficient, and energy efficient.

Holo, which is built on Holochain, is a distributed cloud platform and marketplace for hosting and serving other Holochain applications to everyday users connected to the Internet. Holo brings access to distributed applications to the familiar web browser by creating an ecosystem and a currency that enables distributed hosting services provided by peers.

With Holo, we envision a world where people own their own data and control their identity and privacy, a world where communities create together with patterns and tech designed to maximise individual, social and environmental well-being. Our aim is to make distributed peer-to-peer computing accessible to everyone.

About the job

As a growth marketing specialist, your job will be to lead efforts to translate data into actionable insights that help optimize our websites, educational content and marketing campaigns. We’re looking for someone who can go beyond reporting, and suggest growth experiments and identify opportunities to improve reach and adoption performance on a regular basis.

You will be part of a multidisciplinary team and collaborate with people who work on product delivery, content, design, execution and PR. You should be highly organized, with initiative to come up with your own goals and execute them without heavy direction.

You are numbers-driven and always have users at the heart of everything you do. You enjoy the thrill of seeing an improvement after a rigorous experiment. You’re good at asking the right questions and curious about finding answers, aware that there are no tricks that always work.


  • Digital growth and conversions: a major objective will be to measure, propose and execute experiments to further optimize the performance of the Holo and Holochain web/social properties
  • Collaborate with Marketing, Design and Engineering to develop solutions that utilize the highest standards of analytical rigor and data integrity.
  • Build channel metrics which measure the impact of marketing campaigns (content, email, ads, sponsorships, etc) and spend.
  • Propose testing strategies to further optimize marketing programs across all channels.
  • Own creation and maintenance of ongoing KPI reports and analyses.
  • Support growth marketing teams on efficient customer acquisition and retention strategies
  • Identify customer-centric trends in commerce, with a focus on how they impact the entire  customer funnel, from acquisition to conversion to retention
  • Support marketing campaign funnels and how customer/user behavior flows are tracked accurately for reporting and analysis
  • Enable tracking and monitoring performance KPIs through weekly and monthly reports
  • Assists Growth leadership and teams in prioritizing, implementing, and optimizing growth experiments
  • Deliver insights and recommendations across multiple parts of customer journey to identify key growth opportunities Collaborate closely with the creative team to provide insight to inform creative recommendations


  • Bachelor’s degree (or proof of high fluid intelligence)
  • 3+ years of online marketing experience with focus on analytics, insights and optimization using Google Analytics and related analytics tools.
  • Highly analytical, structured thinker who can work with complex data sets, drive insights and clearly communicate findings to a diverse set of stakeholders
  • Proven experience in optimizing websites and social profiles and campaigns for increasing conversion rate
  • Startup experience is a plus, but if you fit the qualities above you’ll understand what we need Skill