About Us

Our aim is to become the number one SaaS specific paid marketing agency in the world and to have a ton of fun whilst doing it!

We work with a range of VC backed and bootstrapped SaaS companies from all over the world – helping them drive more trial signups, demo bookings, and closed-won revenue.

At the time of writing this, we’re a 100% remote team of 12 full-time team members with a couple of additional team members also supporting us on a part-time basis across 7 different time zones.

About the job

As a Digital Account Manager your role leads in client communications and supports the strategy and execution of our paid media team. This role requires great communication skills and knowledge of digital marketing as you’ll be leading and facilitating client meetings and other communication.

You’ll be expected to collaborate and troubleshoot with the paid media, operations and design teams effectively.


  • Leading client communications via shared slack channels and zoom meetings.
  • Collaborating on strategy and coming up with experimental ideas alongside your team for a portfolio of clients.
  • Identifying upsell and cross sell opportunities on client accounts to other services that Hey Digital offers.
  • Documenting and building account management processes alongside our operations team.


  • Confidence when it comes to leading conversations, meetings and general day-to-day communication. It’s likely that you’d describe yourself as extroverted or someone that loves to talk.
  • Previously worked within an agency and managed multiple clients at one time.
  • Experience managing campaigns across both paid search and paid social at a variety of budget levels and a deep love for marketing.
  • Experience within the SaaS or B2B tech verticals or at least an understanding of how marketing works in these industries.
  • The ability to come up with creative and data-driven ideas to help our clients grow.