About Us

Empire Flippers is an INC 500 company and the #1 curated marketplace for buying and selling established and profitable online businesses.

About the job

A content specialist works to coordinate, produce, and edit content for Empire Flippers. Your goal is to increase lead nurturing at every single level of the marketing funnel using content.

To excel in this role you should be a strong communicator, writer, and storyteller. You have a sense of what is most compelling to an audience and understand what they might need to hear/read to walk away feeling like they got value from a piece of content. You should be able to deliver on the voice and quality standards of Empire Flippers content alone and in collaboration with our marketing team.

Speaking of collaboration – you should feel excited about really nesting into our marketing team. We work closely together to meet our quarterly and yearly goals and you’ll regularly meet with the team to make sure you’re on track. But outside of a few regular meetings, for the most part, you’re independent and working on your own time to craft great content. The ability to be self-sufficient and thrive in an independent environment will be important.

This role is great for those who are curious and love to expand their knowledge. The online business industry is vast. You’ll cover everything from eCommerce, SaaS, private equity, affiliate marketing, SEO, to entrepreneurship, just to name a few. In this role, you’ll become a powerhouse creator who can deliver content on just about every topic in online business.
The industry is growing at record speeds and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. This is the perfect time to get into space where you can make a real impact and be heard. You’ll also benefit from being in an industry that is vibrant and maturing with rapid speed.

Jump into the fast-moving current that is Empire Flippers and the online business industry as a whole and you’ll go places, likely surprised by where you end up. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to curate who you want to be as a content creator and marketer.


  • Writing listing descriptions for new businesses going live on our marketplace
  • Outreach to off-site publications and websites with a goal of creating 1 in-depth industry-related blog post per month.
  • Optimize content with best SEO industry practices.
  • Publishing story and data-driven blog content twice a month.
  • Monitor mentions and backlinks across the web for potential content opportunities.
  • Manage and improve the ongoing editorial calendar.
  • Interviewing sellers for the RMRB podcast


  • A deep understanding of crafting written, story-driven content marketing pieces
  • Strong emphasis on editing skills across various writing styles to ensure overall brand messaging remains top of mind
  • Basic to intermediate social media knowledge
  • Basic to intermediate SEO knowledge
  • Basic to intermediate email marketing automation knowledge
  • Basic to intermediate graphic design skills
  • Journalism background
    • Especially in Amazon FBA, DTC e-commerce or SaaS related