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About the job

As a Content Marketing Manager at Awesome Motive, you’ll be responsible for overseeing the strategy and results of our content marketing across about 3 of our brands, and directly supervising the writer for each brand. You’ll work closely with these team members to help guide their professional development, ensure their individual goals are consistently met/exceeded, and continually reinforce a positive, team-oriented culture driven by our company values.

We are looking for an experienced people manager who has already held leadership responsibilities, but isn’t afraid to dive in and do the work hands-on when needed.

This is also an SEO-focused position where you will be responsible for growing targeted organic traffic and conversions on multiple websites, via blog and email content, on-page SEO, and CRO. This will require strong copywriting and Google Analytics skills.


  • Manage about 3 writers across multiple AM brands, including monitoring performance and ensuring they meet or exceed their goals.
  • Oversee the consistency, quality, and results of the blog content and emails, and provide regular feedback to help writers improve in SEO, CRO, and copywriting.
  • Use Google Analytics and SEO tools to identify opportunities to boost traffic and rankings, and use your analysis to assist writers in planning and optimizing content for traffic and conversions.
  • Review and approve important content before publication, such as new feature announcements, sales emails, web copy, etc.
  • Communicate proactively with product leads on the brands you oversee so everyone is on the same page.
  • Jump in and write effective sales copy when needed, including anything from in-app micro copy to the occasional website redesign.
  • Onboard and train new writers in our style and processes.


  • People Management 2+ years of experience managing a team of 2 or more, preferably in a remote, global environment.
  • SEO You are an experienced SEO practitioner and have optimized and high-ranking content in your portfolio.
  • Copywriting You know how to write persuasive copy that gets results.
  • Google Analytics You know how to analyze SEO and CRO results in Google Analytics and use the data to plan content strategy.
  • CRO You measure the success of content based on conversions, not vanity metrics. You know how to optimize content to increase conversions.
  • Organization You’re able to juggle multiple tasks and projects and prioritize your work effectively.