About Us

Codeable connects a community of elite WordPress development experts from around the world with businesses that need a WordPress site built, developed, maintained, fixed or optimised. We’re the only WordPress exclusive services platform and community, with over 500 freelance developers and teams, delivering projects of all sizes to clients globally.
Our mission is to build the most vibrant WordPress developer services community and to create a better way of working for all parties in the WordPress ecosystem when it comes to WordPress websites, whether that’s for developers, clients, or partners.
To serve our mission and drive the ongoing expansion of the business, we’re now looking to hire an experienced growth marketing specialist to join our fully distributed team to help drive direct client acquisition (with a focus on SEO / organic / content and non-paid channels) and ongoing growth through the full client lifecycle, including retention-based growth and lifecycle communication.
You may be a digital marketer, growth marketer, product marketer or performance marketer by origin, but if you’ve got a mindset that’s embedded in testing out and driving commercial performance through acquisition and ongoing usage, then we’re interested in talking to you.

About the job

You’ll be leading the growth marketing effort, operating as the sole marketing specialist although supported by other internal teams and external partners. We have various foundational elements in place to support the marketing operation, but you’ll be establishing the operating program, developing the strategy and executing in order to drive acquisition as well as growth through the lifecycle via marketing-based approaches.
As a content and communication-centric growth marketer you’ll be all about how we can project and promote Codeable through organic channels – whether that’s based on search / SEO, email, content partnerships, or anything else – to reach key client target audiences and to bring them to Codeable, drive initial conversion and then help maximise ongoing opportunity and potential with the Codeable client base.
Btw, we’re not anti-paid, but that’s not where we want our focus to be at this point. So if you’re primarily a paid channel specialist then you’re not for us at this point.


You’ll be working alongside our Partner Program operation (who work with channel partners and strategic partners, and who also operate an agency program), our Product & Platform team, and our client success function. So whilst you’ll be leading your domain area, you’ll be collaborating with others as part of your activities; so you’ll need to be a strong team player and collaborator. Marketing growth initiatives may be pure marketing-side activities or they may be collaborative efforts with other teams to drive acquisition / retention performance, so great collaboration skills are essential. And whilst this isn’t a marketing services support role to the broader org, where there are the opportunities to use your skills to help support and enable commercial and growth activities of other teams, then that’s part of the collaboration remit.


In addition to owning the growth marketing operation, strategy and performance / metrics, you’ll be the marketing owner of the Codeable website (working with the Product & Platform team, who have delivery responsibility), which you’ll use to support and enable your activities. You’ll also be the owner of the client lifecycle communication strategy and activity (including the client newsletter strategy and activity), where part of the 2021 plan will involve upgrading our email comms / marketing / engagement tools (which the Product & Platform team will lead on, but which you’ll be involved with).


Requirements & about you
  • 3-5+ years of digital / performance / product / growth marketing experience
  • Entrepreneurial & experimental mindset
  • Highly numerate & performance-oriented
  • Ability to build a marketing growth program & operation
  • Strong on the core traditional digital marketing / engagement competencies & with a strategic mindset about driving growth through the entire client lifecycle
  • Specific strengths with the core envisaged focus areas:
  • SEO, organic and content-based growth
  • Email-based growth activities
  • Landing page management & optimization
  • Lifecycle messaging & communication
  • Strong team player & collaborator, whilst being able to operate independently & lead initiatives
  • Strong communicator (fluent spoken & written English), both through your work and with folk you work with
  • Experience working cross-functionally, including as part of a broader growth operation and with product operations
  • Strong attention to detail & precision in your work generally
  • Comfortable working in a distributed environment, with a high degree of personal autonomy & responsibility
  • Ready & able to lead our marketing growth activities, and act as the senior stakeholder for this area
  • You may have been a lead already or you may be ready to step-up into a lead role for the first time
Bonus points
  • Experience with WordPress & the WordPress ecosystem
  • Familiarity with professional services businesses
  • Familiarity with marketplace / community-driven businesses