About Us

About the job

We started Chameleon after being frustrated at poor user onboarding, and feeling required to speak with sales before we could start using new products. Our mission is to help other software teams better enable ‘self-serve’ experiences for their users.

This means Chameleon lets our customers create personalized, contextual, dynamic in-product UX (e.g. modals, walkthroughs, tooltips etc.) for user onboarding, feature announcements etc.

Chameleon is commonly used by Product Marketing Managers 🕺 and this is increasingly the case as PMMs take more responsibility for scalable feature adoption in a product-first world.

Until now the PMM role at Chameleon was split between Pulkit, our CEO, myself, and our product manager, Dana. However as we continue to grow and find traction, we are hiring our first/founding Product Marketing Manager.

You will take the PMM function at Chameleon from 0 to 1 (literally) by setting goals, shaping strategy, and executing with proficiency. You’ll also get the chance to create a major impact on Chameleon’s product roadmap, marketing positioning, customer messaging, sales approach, company culture, and more!


  • Strengthen the connection between the product and the market; relay key market insights to the product team and help showcase product value to prospect and customers
  • Create and help build product-based marketing content (e.g. blog posts, landing pages, one-pagers, feature videos, expert webinars, release notes etc.)
  • Engage our customers to generate case studies, testimonials, G2/Capterra reviews, social media posts etc.
  • Collaborate with the product team to run in-product feature announcement and adoption campaigns (using Chameleon!)
  • Collaborate with the marketing and CS team on lifecycle emails, paid promotion campaigns, customer success initiatives etc.
  • Conduct customer, competitor, and market research to become knowledgeable in the product-led growth / self-service / SaaS spaces, and help us drive deeper product-market fit


  • 2+ years working in a product marketing role or similar
  • 1+ years working at a SaaS startup (<50 employees)
  • Passion and skill for writing excellent copy, including telling a compelling story, being succinct and punchy etc.
  • Comfortable creating videos and being on camera (video editing skills not required)
  • Strong interest in product, PLG, UX, SaaS etc.; happy reading and researching these topics
  • Comfortable grasping technical concepts (e.g. DOM structure, CSS attributes, APIs, front-end frameworks etc.)
  • Extremely fast learner; is always looking to improve and grow