About Us

MoveOn is a diverse and vibrant community of millions of people working together to create progressive change in America. We are an innovative campaigning organization that supports people throughout the country to take action through driving impactful campaigns that influence the behavior of people and institutions, shape the outcomes of elections, and expand the realities of what’s possible. We organize to challenge entrenched power, while pursuing economic, racial, and social justice and a vision of a country in which everyone can thrive.

MoveOn has a vital role to play in securing progress during the Biden-Harris administration and in organizing the grassroots to set up election wins in 2022 and beyond. We are building a powerful, multiracial, and economic populist movement, and we are fighting for progress on health care, climate, racial justice, and more. In service of that mission, in 2022 and beyond, MoveOn will drive impactful, movement-connected, multichannel, and nimble campaigns aimed at impact.

About the job

The Campaign Director role is a remarkable position at the heart of MoveOn’s powerful team, which allows you to strategize and to mobilize millions of people for economic justice, accountability, democracy, and dignity for all. You will develop and run campaigns, driving high-impact, public-engaging efforts to involve our millions of members and the broader public in rapid-response moments and sharp strategic initiatives. This role coordinates and leverages MoveOn’s many teams to bring the full power of our email, social, mobile, organizing, communications, and other tools to bear on strategic campaign work.

This role is a premiere position in the progressive movement. MoveOn’s national Campaign Directors have driven work that’s changed the course of history—winning health care access for millions, stopping wars, curbing family separation policies—and have gone on, after MoveOn, to found and direct marquee organizations and serve as elected officials.


  • Identify, develop, and lead high-profile, high-impact, creative, digital-first campaigns and offline strategies that center equity and progressive values; tap into MoveOn member energy; harness credible theories of change; and have the capacity to propel national impact.
  • Engage partner organizations, especially those representing impacted communities, to inform priorities and strategic direction for campaigns.
  • Track breaking news and longer-term trends affecting organizational and campaign priorities.
  • Write compelling emails and associated mobile, press, and social content that motivates members to take a range of actions.
  • Lead internal, cross-organizational working groups to execute all aspects of campaigns you direct; assess technical and creative needs for campaigns and work with colleagues on the execution of these assets; and direct contractors and consultants as needed.
  • Learn and utilize the full range of MoveOn’s digital campaigning tools, including our email, mobile messaging, petition, call alert, event, and querying platforms.
  • Participate as a member in a dynamic, committed, and passionate team, where you will move nimbly among campaigns, support the work of your colleagues, and lean on others for help.


A successful candidate will …
  • Have experience with and deep commitment to applying anti-oppression frameworks—especially with regard to racial, gender, and economic injustice. Ideal candidates have worked with racial justice-oriented coalitions, organizations, and campaigns in the past.
  • Enjoy creative brainstorming, following the news, and working with colleagues and members with diverse backgrounds and experiences.
  • Enjoy working in a fast-paced and flexible environment where priorities shift and there are many opportunities to learn new tactics, tools, and processes.
  • Excel at motivating and directly asking people of all backgrounds to take action together on a broad range of issues via many communication channels and tactics.

Required skills and experience
  • At least three years of experience leading digital campaigns that mobilized people online and offline, promoted progressive values with a clear equity lens, and made change in the world.
  • Strong writing skills.
  • Ability and commitment to develop and nurture collaborative relationships with colleagues in a virtual office setting at MoveOn and with partner and allied organizations.
  • Proven ability to collaboratively organize colleagues and partners around a project or campaign, resulting in effective implementation, as well as experience managing staff or volunteers on multifaceted projects.
  • Experience with or the ability to learn the suite of MoveOn’s digital campaigning tools.
  • Demonstrated commitment to MoveOn’s mission and values.